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Renae's Red Snappers for Longarm machines

Original price $59.99 - Original price $79.99
Original price
$59.99 - $79.99
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This Red Snapper rod and clamp system is available to fit 10', 12', and 14' quilting frames. The set has rods and clamps designed to fit on three rollers. It eliminates the need for pins, staples, Velcro, zippers, or basting. Make sure to specify your quilting frame length.

Red Snappers are developed with Clip-n-Seal a patent pending design. 
10' set is actually 114"
12' set is actually 132"
14" set is actually 144"
This is to accommodate the width of the carriage, machine handles and pole configurations of different machines.

Each set includes everything you need to use the red snapper set for your size table.

Note- Once this item is opened and put together it cannot be returned.
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