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Previous weather combined with COVID have put longer than usual shipping delays on packages!
Previous weather combined with COVID have put longer than usual shipping delays on packages!

Gammill Table Parts


  • $104.00

    Acme All- Thread W/Brass N Pickup Roller - Brass Assembly

    This part attaches to the Pickup Lever on the Gammill table.

  • $3.43

    Acorn Nut For Gs-1

    This part is the nut for the handlebar on the GS-1 Table.

  • $22.00

    Dog Latch With Bolt

    Goes on the GS-1 or GS-6 Gammill tables to lock in the bars.

  • $280.00

    Hand Wheels Set - One 8 Inch Wheel And Two 6 Inch Wheels

    Complete set fits on GS-1 Tables (1) 8" Hand Wheel with crank(2) 6" Hand Wheel(3) Hex Keys

  • $8.00

    Hp Black Star Knob For Hp Stand

    HP Star Knob for pick up bar height adjustment.

  • Sold out

    Machine Clamp (Velcro) Each

    Machine clamps are sold separately. Each clamp has a long piece of velcro attached for use with the Gammill table tops. The velcro strap secures to...

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  • $72.00

    Pantograph Pattern Shield

    Clear plastic shield for your longarm table top to keep your pantograph pattern flat and easy to use. The length of these are determined by the len...

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  • $50.00

    Pillow Bearing And Bracket Complete

    Holds on the rollers on the Gammill Table

  • $20.00
  • $13.00

    Spring, Pickup Bar Extension Spring

    Table Spring for Gammill GS Tables

  • $4.00

    Table End Cap

  • $4.00

    Table Shaft Collar

    Shaft Collar holds the rollers in place on a Gammill table.

  • $16.00

    Table Track End Plate -Breeze Track Kit Of 4

    Includes 4 plates and screws for the end of a breeze track on the table.

  • $4.00

    Track End Caps Old Style Each

    This is a single cap for the track end

  • $6.00

    Velcro Black Hook 2"X15" - 2 Pieces

    These are used for the side of the tables to adhere the velcro clamps to the side of the table. You can stop pulling out all the batting/ thread le...

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  • Sold out

    Wheels New Black Set Of 8 for Gammill

    Brand new wheels. Set of 8 wheels with hardware and instructions. 4 on the machine head, 4 on the track.  You will only need 8 wheels, the other 2 ...

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  • $1.00

    Woodruff Key

    Woodruff Key is used to hold the Handwheels on for your Gammill Table.