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Note: in electronic media, true colors may vary

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Bottom Line
60 wt./2-ply Polyester thread. Designed for Appliqué, Bobbin Thread, and Quilting.
#40 High-tenacity Variegated Trilobal Polyester thread. Designed for Embroidery, Quilting, and Decorative Stitching.
Trilobal Polyester Weight 40 (TEX 27) King Spool 5500 Yards
Glide 60
Glide 60 5,500 Yard Cone
King Tut
King Tut is an extremely low lint #40/3 extra-long staple Eqyptian-grown cotton. Wholesale Pricing Available!
Linda's Thread by Design
Linda V. Taylor Thread by Design is perfect for that quilter that doesn't just quilt the quilt, they make each one a work of art! (all neon colors are black light reactive too!!!
Metallic by Superior
#40 Metallic thread. Designed for Embroidery, Quilting, and Decorative Stitching.
MicroQuilter is a 100 wt. extra-fine polyester thread designed for invisible machine applique, detail quilting, and stitch in the ditch.
Commonly referred to as an invisible thread due to its fineness and reduced-sheen!
NiteLite Extra Glow
Glow in the dark thread, fun for all projects.
OMNI by Superior selection of solid and variegated colors. Wholesale Pricing Available.
Permacore TEX 30
6,000 yard cones TEX 30 Permacore thread. Top 50 colors Now Available!!!
Permacore TEX 40
6,000 Yard Cones, TEX 40 Polyester Core, Polyester Wrapped For general sewing and quilting light and heavy weight material
Pima Cotton
BRAND NEW Thread line! 50wt. 2-ply extra-long staple American-grown Pima Cotton
50 Weight Polyester Core Spun
Quilters Edition Permacore
Solid Color Permacore QE Quilters Edition TEX 30, 3,000 yard cones.
We sell our Signature thread to ALL our customers at every day LOW prices!
So Fine! # 50
So Fine! is a lint-free, matte-finish, smooth 50 wt. 3 filament polyester thread.