Black Small Dot Cotton Wideback Fabric


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Luxurious Black Small Dot Cotton Wideback Fabric

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Maywood Studio

Introducing our Black Small Dot Cotton Wideback Fabric, a premium quality fabric designed to provide superior comfort and style. Made with 100% cotton, this chic and durable fabric offers the versatility required for a variety of projects. From quilting to craft-making and home décor, its elegant small dot design can effortlessly elevate any piece.

With its wideback design, this fabric accommodates larger projects without seams, making it a favorable choice for quilts, duvets, and tablecloths. The depth and dimension added by the small black dots lend a unique texture and aesthetic to the fabric. It's not just about the look, the high-quality cotton ensures breathability, softness, and durability.

Our Black Small Dot Cotton Wideback Fabric is also easy to care for, machine-washable, and holds up well to repeated use. Whether you're working on a grand quilting project or simply looking to enhance your craftwork, this fabric offers the best in quality, versatility, and sophistication.

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