67745 Army Green Glide Polyester Thread

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Why Choose 67745 Army Green Glide Polyester Thread for Your Sewing Needs?

Sheen- Glide utilizes special technology to capture a beautiful luster within the fibers of a colorfast polyester. We welcome you to compare our Glide colors to your favorite polyester or rayon thread.
Consistent- Fil-Tec Glide with Advanced Trilobal Technology will maintain consistent tension throughout each & every spool. The results are high quality, consistent stitch formation, less thread breaks & fewer machine stops.
Coverage- Glide offers superior coverage for all your sewing applications. Uniform & complete coverage (fill) provides a unique look. The thread appears to melt into the fabric.
Strength- Customers rely on the superior strength of Glide in fast-paced production environments. Stronger thread translates into fewer thread breaks & less machine downtime.
Lint Free- Glide runs virtually lint-free through your machine needle & tensioners.

Fiber Type



2 Ply


40 Weight

Cone Size (Yards)

5,500 yards

The 67745 Army Green Glide Polyester Thread is an essential element for your sewing collection. Meticulously designed to provide strength and durability, this thread is perfect for sewing enthusiasts who aim to create spectacular designs. With its top-notch polyester essence, it assures to provide a lasting bond for your favorite clothing pieces and upholstery.

Made with precision technology, this glide thread offers a smooth and uninterrupted sewing experience. Its army green color enhances your design efforts by providing a subtle, resilient, and adaptable hue that matches an array of fabric types and colors. Whether you are working on a clothing item or a home decor project, this thread is built to cater to your various stitching needs effortlessly.

Our 67745 Army Green Glide Polyester Thread thus, stands as a testament of quality and flexibility in the sewing world. Complement your sewing process with this army green glide thread, and you’ll surely appreciate the remarkable results and the improvement in your sewing works. Stay ahead in your sewing pursuits with this exceptional polyester thread.

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