614 Violet Signature Cotton Thread


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Discover the 614 Violet Signature Cotton Thread

This cotton quilting thread is the perfect choice for those purists preferring cotton through and through. The three-ply, long-staple fiber construction, combined with the mercerization and finishing processes this fiber passes through, all contribute to the superior strength, luster, and low lint properties of this high quality thread. Whether you're using free motion techniques, high speed multi-directional designs, or just doing general sewing, you'll enjoy excellent sewability on both longarm quilting and home sewing machines.

Fiber Type Cotton
Ply 3 Ply
Tex/Weight Tex 40
Cone Size (Yards) 3,000 yards
Cone Height 4.5 in

Our 614 Violet Signature Cotton Thread is more than just a sewing staple. It’s a tool that brings your craft to life with its vibrant color and superior quality. From casual sewists to professional tailors, our threads have been the go-to choice for those who value durability and aesthetics.

Regardless of the scale of your project, our thread remains unbroken and vibrant, ensuring your designs come out exactly how you imagine them. Crafted to the highest standards, our 614 Violet Signature Cotton Thread is not just a thread—it’s a mark of quality, a signature finish to your craft.

Our 614 Violet Signature Cotton Thread is easy to work with, allowing you to effortlessly create and bring your ideas to life. Get your spool today and make your sewing and crafting projects stand out with its vibrant color. Stock up on your sewing supplies with us and experience the difference in every stitch with our 614 Violet Signature Cotton Thread.

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