155A Meandering Pantograph by Linda V. Taylor

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Transform Your Quilting with 155A Meandering Pantograph by Linda V. Taylor

Beautiful continuous line pantograph pattern designed by Linda V. Taylor measures 121" long and comes with the following sizes.

  • 4"
  • 6"
  • 10"

Need the pattern to be longer than 121"?

Pro tip: Find where the pattern repeats, mark that point on yourpattern shield and shift the pattern down to make it meet up. This allows you to "extend" the size of the pattern to accommodate those larger quilts:)

The 155A Meandering Pantograph by Linda V. Taylor is a stunning quilting pattern that can add a unique touch to your projects. This pattern reflects the deep understanding of Linda V. Taylor in quilting and reveals her creative vision in full play.

The meandering pantograph has always been popular in quilting for its intricate designs and classic touch. The 155A version by Linda V. Taylor is a testament to her craftsmanship, offering a delicate design that can easily elevate your quilting project.

As you explore the 155A Meandering Pantograph, you'll discover an artwork that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also adds a distinct personality to your quilts, making them stand out. Use the LT Pantograph Pattern to give your work a beautiful, intricate appearance that will be admired by all.

Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or a beginner in the quilting world, Linda V. Taylor's 155A Meandering Pantograph pattern is an excellent addition to your collection. So leverage the unique design today and let your quilting speak volumes about your artistic panache.

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