Optional Equipment For Your Gammill

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Light Bar
Item Number:
Our Price: $899.00
This light bar is not fully adjustable. The adjustable component is merely the height. At time of set-up, you have the latitude to lower the height of the light bar approx. 12".
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Bobbin Winder ( M Size - Older Model)
Item Number: MAC-001MO
Our Price: $139.00
Brand New! Older Style with Foot Pedal Control
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BOBBIN WINDER (M- Size Stand Alone)
Item Number:
Our Price: $159.00
Size M NEW Style Stand Alone Bobbin Winder with Speed Control
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Cutting Mat
Item Number:
Our Price: $199.00
12ft cutting mat with Gammill Logo on it.
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Drafting Chair
Item Number: CHAIR-001
Our Price: $229.00
The Drafting Chair is a wonderful accessory for your table. You can sit up close to the machine as you quilt.
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Gam Guide Jr.
Item Number: MAC-026
Our Price: $39.00
Gam Guide Jr. For stitch in the ditch. (12" length)
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Gammill Quick Change Foot Set
Item Number:
Our Price: Back Ordered
Currently on Backorder- you can email contact@lequilters.com to be put on a waiting list.
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Heavy Duty Casters
Item Number: MAC-060 (MAC-160)
Our Price: $149.00
Excellent heavy duty casters (set of 4) for you Gammill quilting stand.
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Horizontal Double Spool Holder
Item Number: MAC-002
Our Price: $49.00
Holds smaller spools of thread.
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Hydraulics Kit
Item Number:
Our Price: $1,799.00
Hydraulics Kit
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LEQ Starter Kit
Item Number:
Our Price: $695.00
Everything you need to get started with your new Gammill!
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Micro Fill Handles
Item Number:
Our Price: $199.00
These handles make it so that you can do micro-stippling and closeup applique work!
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Painted Machine Head
Item Number:
Our Price: $999.00
Add one of the twenty-three different vibrant painted machine head colors!
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Ruler Base Plate - 22,26,30
Item Number: MAC-212
Our Price: $149.00
Metal Gammill Extended Throat Plate/ Ruler Base. Used with 22, 26 and 30 inch Gammills.
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Ruler Base Plate - Vision 18 or Premier
Item Number: MAC-211
Our Price: $149.00
Ruler Base for Vision 18, Premier and Premier Plus
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Spool Rod, Small new
Item Number: MAP-176
Our Price: $10.00
This spool rod was developed to help with any specialty threads. You simply attach this item to the top of your existing cone holder.
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Item Number:
Our Price: $299.00
Zippered Leaders for Gammill Quilting Machines. These leaders are the full canvas, with zippered edges for each roller. Includes the extra 6 inch piece for each roller.