Crayon Yellow - Iris UltraBrite Polyester

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Crayon Yellow Iris Polyester Quilting & Embroidery Thread is made from genuine American trilobal polyester and known for unmatched quality, consistency, and value. American made trilobal polyester is accepted as the best in the world for its unsurpassed sheen and exceptional strength, tenacity, and the ability to run smoothly at high speeds in all-commercial quilting and embroidery machines.  The high quality of Iris thread allows it to be used to quilt and embroider any design at maximum production and with minimum thread breaks. Iris polyester quilting machine and embroidery thread is the only thread of its type manufactured ENTIRELY in North America.

Iris® UltraBrite™ Polyester
100% Super Bright, Genuine American Made Trilobal Polyester Fiber Construction

Size 40 wt. 120 denier - 5500 yds (5000 meters) per cone

Size 40 wt. 120 denier - 5500 yds (5000 meters) per cone

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