Gammill Quick Change Foot Set

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All New Gammill Quick Change Feet Set includes: Spoon Foot, Couching Foot, Trapunto Foot, Ruler Foot, and Open Toe Foot

Ruler foot – For use with ¼” rulers and templates
Trapunto Foot – Perfect for applique or trapunto work
Open Toe Foot – Allows viewing of the needle in motion.  Great for precision work such as outlines or stitch in the ditch. 
Couching Foot (3.0 mm) – Add a decorative touch to our quilting.  Use with yarn, cording, embroidery thread, etc. 
Spoon Foot- No need to worry about damaging your quilt when using lofty or bulky material.  The spoon foot allows you to glide quickly over applique, batting, and more.
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