Gammill Quick Change Foot Set

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All New Gammill Quick Change Feet Set includes: Spoon Foot, Couching Foot, Trapunto Foot, Ruler Foot, and Open Toe Foot

Ruler foot – For use with ¼” rulers and templates
Trapunto Foot – Perfect for applique or trapunto work
Open Toe Foot – Allows viewing of the needle in motion.  Great for precision work such as outlines or stitch in the ditch. 
Couching Foot (3.0 mm) – Add a decorative touch to our quilting.  Use with yarn, cording, embroidery thread, etc. 
Spoon Foot- No need to worry about damaging your quilt when using lofty or bulky material.  The spoon foot allows you to glide quickly over applique, batting, and more.
Gammill's new quick change foot system has 5 easy to attach feet.

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