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Sampler Video Series - Training on Demand

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Sample your software like never before! Join Joan Knight and Corey Pearson in their new virtual learning adventure. Learn at your own pace with block by block instruction that you can watch over and over again. When you purchase this series you will receive an email within 24 hours that contains the link to your playlist and a PDF handout. Joan and Corey strongly believe that every student should have handouts to take notes in and write their own renditions of what they say, so it makes sense for you!

With over 80+ techniques and features available to you on your device anytime anywhere, Joan and Corey are sure to leave you speechless with these lessons!

Quilting patterns are NOT included with this purchase. Joan and Corey list where they purchased their patterns in your handout!

This series was filmed and produced by Linda's Electric Quilters, DBA.

Panels are no longer available