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Pantograph Pattern Shield

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Clear plastic shield for your longarm table top to keep your pantograph pattern flat and easy to use. The length of these are determined by the length of your longarm table. This shield comes in two pieces for ease of use.

For example if you have a 12ft table, you will receive two approximate 6 foot pieces.

Which Pattern Shield do I purchase?

Step 1: Measure the length of your table.

Step 2: Determine which type of table top you have.

Step 3: Select your option and purchase:)

GS1 is 23" wide and the length needed for the table you choose - Normally on Gammill Tables up to 2016 - OUT OF STOCK

GS6 or HP Table is 20 3/4" wide and the length needed for the table size you choose - Normally on Tables after 2016