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We have the best prices on Permacore, Signature, Superior and YLI quilting thread.

Polyester, Cotton, Metallic and more! 
See a video from Jim Miller at YLI, where he explains the "Truth About Thread"

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What type of thread are you looking for? Polyester, Cotton, Cotton/Polyester Blend, Polyester wrapped Polyester, how about just the Variegated colors?.... Take a Look!
A&E Permacore
Best Prices and Selection on Permacore Thread!! 3,000 and 6,000 yard cones!!
Quilter's Edition Permacore- 3,000 Yard Cones
Solid Color Permacore QE Quilters Edition TEX 30, 3,000 yard cones, combines strength and performance with ultra strong filament polyester thread on the inside, and cotton-like soft spun polyester on the outside.
We sell our Signature thread to ALL our customers at every day LOW prices!
Omni, King Tut, So Fine #40, So Fine #50, Bottom Line and Nitelite
YLI Quilting Thread
We sell our YLI cotton solid and variegated thread to all our customers at every day low wholesale prices!
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Best Prices-Quilting Thread
Our Price: Catergory for Thread
Best Prices-Quilting Thread
Lowest prices on Signature, Permacore, OMNI, Kingtut, YLI and more!
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